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Hi! In case you're curious, the maker of these pages is a 42-year-old mom and part-time philosophy teacher whose main qualification for creating the website is that she enjoyed the Dolittle books as a child. Like many of my generation, I saw the Rex Harrison movie version before I read any of the actual stories, and I retain a sentimental fondness for that film, warts and all, since it was my introduction to the wonderful world of the Doctor.

If you want to get in touch (to talk about the books or to offer corrections and/or ideas for the site), you can email me at The only kinds of emails I can't do much with are ones asking me for help with papers for school, and this is for two reasons:

  • first, because these requests are usually sent only a day or two before the paper is due ("Please help! I need this by tomorrow for my class!"), and with three children of my own, I generally don't have time to give immediate assistance;
  • and second, because everything I know about Lofting and Dolittle is at this website anyway!

The Puddleby site has existed in some form or another here at Tripod since late 1998, which is when I first thought to search the web for Lofting websites and-- to my great surprise-- found none. Although I know that the Dolittle books are thought of as children's books, I have aimed my text at adults who might, as I was, be looking for information on their old favorites (perhaps someday a companion site, aimed at specifically at children, might be possible). In the meantime, I hope that visitors of all ages enjoy reading these pages as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

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