The Twilight of Magic (1930)
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The Twilight of Magic (1930)-- Distinct among Lofting's books for being originally illustrated by someone other than the author (Lois Lenski did the honors), The Twilight of Magic is a more serious story and is aimed at a more mature child audience than are any of the other non-Dolittle tales. It is described by the author's son as a "classical fantasy," perhaps referring to the fact that its marvelous events are the work of out-and-out magic rather than, as in the case of the Dolittle fantasies, "science." The setting of Twilight is the vaguely medieval one of fairy tale, and the protagonists are Giles and Anne, two children who at the beginning of the story are concerned about their father's immanent ruin. Consulting an old witch, they are given a magic shell. At first it's not obvious how the object (which turns out to be a sort of eaves-dropping device) can help them, but then the new King rides into town ... and the shell and its mysterious giver end up being the key to the family's "happily ever after."

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