Doctor Dolittle's Circus (1924)
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Doctor Dolittle's Circus (1924)-- Another tale set in the period between the original Story of Doctor Dolittle and the Stubbins-narrated Voyages, this one finds the Doctor in England, short of cash, and still needing to pay off the debts he incurred preparing for his very first voyage to Africa. The answer is to join the circus with his one-of-a-kind attraction, the pushmi-pullyu (who had agreed, back in that first book, to help the doctor in such a way). Along with Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Mugg, the Doctor's entourage hooks up with the traveling show of one Blossom, a circus owner too inclined to put profits over animal welfare (but about to have a rude awakening!). In the course of things, our hero liberates a sad circus seal, works against fox-hunting, and helps establish a social safety net for old cart horses ... before eventually taking over the circus and leading it to fame and greater fortune.

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