Doctor Dolittle in the Moon (1928)
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Doctor Dolittle in the Moon (1928)-- The Doctor, Tommy, Chee-chee, and Polynesia explore the most exotic of the new worlds they've encountered to date. Picking up exactly where the previous entry in the series left off, this book lets Dolittle-the-naturalist make some of his greatest discoveries. It turns out, he learns, that the Moon (really a fragment of Earth broken off during the Stone Age) is home to a large number of peacefully co-existing plant and animal species (including a human!), all of whose members are very large and frightfully old. They're also long overdue for good medical care, which was the reason for the Doctor's summons to space. But when that care has been provided, will the man-in-the-moon be willing to let the Doctor go? And, for that matter, does the top-hatted wanderer really want to go back?

More to come...

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